Psyche was a goddess, once a mortal in Hesiod and Homer's myth. She débuts, with his appearance in around 700 B.C. and usually ends at around the 9th Century.

Psyche was the goddess of the soul and the wife of Eros, the god of love.

History[edit | edit source]

She was once a mortal princess whose extraordinary beauty earned the ire of Aphrodite when men began turning their worship away from the goddess towards the girl. Aphrodite commanded Eros make Psyche fall in love with the most hideous of men but the god instead fell in love and carried her off to his hidden palace. Eros hid his true identity and told Psyche she must never gaze upon his face. Her jealous sisters, however, tricked her into disobeying and the angry god forsook her. Psyche searched the world for her lost love and eventually came into the service of Aphrodite. The goddess commanded her to perform a series of seemingly impossible tasks which culminated in a journey to the Underworld. Psyche was afterwards reunited with Eros and the couple were married in a ceremony attended by all the gods. Psyche was often depicted in ancient mosaic art as a butterfly-winged woman in the company of her husband Eros.

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  • It was unknown where Psyche was born.

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