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Welcome to the Policies PageEdit

You should check here before editing, posting images (also videos) and doing anything else on the wiki!


With editing... This a free to edit wiki which means you can edit any page (except important templates, categories and home page) only if you think there is something wrong that needs to be corrected. You cannot change the image in the infobox to your own will {we'll get to that later}. If your edit has been considered as a spam, or edit for your own will {meaning information completely unrelated to the devoted topic, or changing it to something that is wrong}.

Also, If you do spot a word or anything else that is spelt wrong or not official, you do not have to edit it yourself... All you have to do is leave a comment on the post with what is wrong and its whereabouts in the post and we will get to that ASAP. If your comment is deleted then the word (or information) on the post is fixed to correction or the word or information you thought was wrong is actually correct and it will be deleted. If you still argue that it is correct, you can leave a message on one of the admins message walls and we will try to reply asap. If we still agree it is right and you continue to spam in the comments on our message wall... You will be blocked for a certain amount of time... We will also get to that later...

Pages and GalleriesEdit

It is very important not to add galleries to pages that already link to a gallery page. Even though some might not link to a gallery page, please do not insert the gallery into the page itself, make a gallery page for that. E.g. I am going to make a page gallery for "Sparta", create a page with Sparta/Gallery, etc.

Info and Other WarningsEdit

Hey! I just found an incorrect piece of information on this page. It is [insert wrong information] and it is on section [insert whereabouts]. Please get back ASAP!

                                                                               edit          delete

•coughs• That toooooootally looks like a comment •cough cough•

Anyways, I think you get the jig. Do not keep spamming or else you gonna get the admins {and the legendary founder} {sorry, had to say that} mad and they will come for you. So, again, if you edit a post and it is wrongly edited and it gives wrong information [or something totally unrelated to what the post is about], the post (and edit) will be re-edited back to normal and you will be given a first warning as to not do it again. Noooow we get to la warnings...

Warnings / Getting Blocked / BannedEdit

Soooooo I'm gonna explain after I show you three, or four, or five, or six tables... Enjoy... if you don't want to read through this long piece then I suggest you skip right through, happily, enjoy. 


For your recent edit on [post], please do not give out false information on this again please.

If you do it again two more times, you will be banned from the                                     wikia, so please do not. This is your first warning, look at our Policies before you edit again. :)


It's me again. I'm not going to make this long. This is the SECOND time you have edited and given out false information. One more time and you will be banned completely from this wikia! This is your second warning, look at our Policies before you edit again. :)


You have been warned two times before this. You have edited three times and given out false info and changing other info. You have now been banned from returning to the wikia. You'll now have a surprise in your notifications. You had three warnings. :)

Image PoliciesEdit

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