Once Upon a Time
Background Information
Written By: Adam Horowitz,
Edward Kitsis,
Jane Espenson
Directed By: Norman Buckley,
Ron Underwood,
Adam Horowitz,
Edward Kitsis
Release Date: October 23, 2011
End Date: May 18, 2018[1]
Adaptation Information
Featured Episode:


The second episode of the fifth season ("The Price") showed and mentioned a Fury (or Erinys) ready to collect the soul of Robin Hood and would try to stop anyone else in her way. This fury was presumably Alecto.

The seventh episode of the fifth season ("Nimue") mentioned Prometheus and his fire that he gave down to mankind.[2]

In Episodes 12 - 21, Hades is a recurring character, appearing as a villain to get work Zeus' Lightning Bolt (or simply known as the Olympian Crystal). Unfortunately for him, he does not succeed and is destroyed by Zelena with the lightning bolt. For being thankful to Hook, when Killian (Hook) moves on and ascends to Mount Olympus to stay there for eternity (since he died) and completed his unfinished business in the Underworld (which was a place for people with unfinished business) and was not a bad person so did not descend to the "Worse Place"[3]. Zeus thanked Hook for helping kill the god of the Underworld and transported him from Mount Olympus back to Storybrooke, alive.

The first episode of the seventh season of Once Upon a Time is titled "Hyperion Heights".[4] This may or may not be a reference to Hyperion from Greek Mythology.

Characters (Species) Mentioned and ShownEdit

Species Shown Are:

In the show, the characters shown were:

  • Hades (recurring) portrayed by Greg Germann.
  • King Midas (guest starring) portrayed by Alex Zahara.
  • Medusa (guest starring)
  • Poseidon (guest starring) portrayed by Ernie Hudson.
  • A Fury (allusion) (guest starring)
  • Charon (guest starring) portrayed by Unknown Extra.
  • Hercules (guest starring) portrayed by Jonathan Whitesell.
  • Zeus (guest starring) portrayed by David Hoflin.
  • Siren (guest starring) portrayed by Aria Pullman.
  • Megara (guest starring) portrayed by Kacey Rohl.
  • Cerberus (guest starring)
  • Oracle of Delphi (guest starring)

  • Characters in bold are characters that were officially meant to be the actual character and not just an allusion.
  • Italic is unknown.

In the show, the species mentioned were:

  • Ogres
  • Cyclopes
  • Sea-Nymphs
  • Chimera(s)
  • Pegasus
  • Nemean Lion

  • Characters in bold are characters everyone would know

In the show, the items mentioned were:

Characters in bold are characters most would know



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