Zeus' Master Bolt, It will destroy you if Zeus commands, you will cease to exist or he will banish you to the depths of Tartarus.

The Lightning Bolt is a magical weapon that is featured in Greek Mythology. It is based on Zeus' Lightning Bolt from the Disney film Hercules and from Greek Mythology


The Lightning Bolt is the most powerful weapon with the ability to end someone's existence, or banish them to another realm or to Tartarus and it is owned by Zeus, the ruler of Mount Olympus. When Zeus finally made Kronos disgorge out his brothers and sisters. The latter half went to the depths of Tartarus to free the One Hundred Handed Ones and the Cyclopes. Unfortunately, they were confronted by Kampe, the protector of Tartarus and she was in charge of making sure the Hundred handed Ones and Cyclopes didn't escape. Eventually, they snuck past Kampe and they got the other half out of Tartarus by the end of the day. Today, Kampe still roams the entrance of Tartarus to make sure the titans don't escape (Wait, wasn't she working for the Titans? Huh, weird).

After the events of getting the Cyclopes and the One Hundred Handed ones out of Tartarus, they decided to work alongside the gods in the titanomachy, but for a special thank you reward, the Cyclopes and One Hundred Handed Ones (who are all descendants of Ouranos and Gaia) decided to work together to make special rewards for each of the gods.

  • Zeus got a lightning bolt to summon lightning.
    • Poseidon got a trident to summon floods and earthquakes.
      • Hades got a helmet to make the wearer invisible and terror will radiate from it.

How it All Went DownEdit

So with this Master Bolt (The lightning bolt), Zeus took down Kronos and banished him and his fellow titans (only the ones that were working for Kronos) to Tartarus. The Lightning Bolt can also cease someone from existence, which means they have been completely wiped out from existence and there will be no moving on or going to the Underworld. Here's an example:

  • Zeus destroyed Salmoneus and he now ceases to exist


On-Screen NotesEdit


  1. 1.0 1.1 Hesiod said that the Lightning Bolt belongs to whoever is king of Olympus, not directly Zeus
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