Ixion grew lustful for Hera and would try to mate with her at every turn.
—Hesiod about Ixion

Ixion is a character in Greek Mythology and a king of the Lapiths.


Ixion was a king of Lapiths in Greek Mythology. His father was named Leonteus who was one of the commanders of the Lapiths during the Trojan war. His mother, Perimele was a daughter of Amythaon and she married Ixion's father, Leonteus.

Later in his life, Zeus took pity on him after he done a primordial act of murder and went mad; defiled by his act. Zeus brought him to Mount Olympus and introduced him to the gods and goddesses that lived on the mountain. Unfortunately instead of being thankful to Zeus, Ixion grew lustful for Zeus' wife, Hera and would try to mate with her at every turn.

Whenever Hera used to get up and be excused, Ixion thought that was his queue to go and mate with Hera. When she arrived at her room and sat down, he would try to push Hera and told her how much better he was than Zeus and would never cheat on her. Except, Hera ran away from him and once she told Zeus, he didn't believe her. Unfortunately, because he felt pity on his wife and he made a cloud, in the exact same form as Hera and Ixion mated with her and surprisingly they made a child from that.

When Zeus found out, he was outraged. He regret that he brought this mortal all the way to Mount Olympus and introduce him to the gods and even offered him immortality. Zeus quickly banished Ixion with his lightning bolt to Tartarus and made Hermes bind him to a burning spinning wheel that would stay that way for eternity.



  • Ixion had no consorts after his wife Dia died.



  1. It has been confirmed that Ixion will be in the third Greek Mythology series.

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