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This page is dedicated to the hard-working staff on this wiki.

Due to reasons, we have made this page non-editable.

We hope you understand. Thank you, --Staff.




Bureaucrat and Founder of the Wiki. I work with the MediaWiki and JavaScript, but you can mostly find me editing and creating pages, expanding, revising and adding more information. If you have a question or just want to talk to me in general, you can message me on my wall and I'll reply between 1-12 hours. Active



Bureaucrats (Batuhan):
  • Promote users to: Bureaucrat, Administrator and Rollback
  • Demote users from: Administrator and Rollbacks

Administrators (Batuhan):

  • Block other users from editing
  • Kick/ban users from Chat
  • Lock/Unlock (protect), Delete/Undelete and Move (rename) pages and files
  • Edit the CSS, JavaScript and templates
  • Quickly revert the edits of the last user who edited a page (rollback)
  • Edit and/or Delete comments/posts if they violate the Policies
  • Highlight threads
  • Promote/Demote users to/from: Chat Moderators
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