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The Cosmos was a place of darkness, where the universe and the worlds existed. Only one could be ruler.

The Cosmos, also known as the Darkness, the Void and mistakenly known as the Universe[2] is a world featured in Greek Mythology. It is sometimes seen as a personification. It first appears in around 700 BCE and ends around 9th Century.

The Cosmos is based on the world of the same name from Greek Mythology.


The Cosmos is the world regarded as a complex and orderly system; the opposite of Chaos. It is the location that is the greatest and all exists inside it, such as the Universe, the worlds and the planets. The Cosmos was also seen as a personification and once used to be in control, however, after a deal gone wrong, the cosmos was trapped in the bounds of one ruler and only one could rule it. Not much else is known about the Cosmos other than:

The Cosmos is a dark place where you can only see the happiness of the world, however, once you enter this world, you cannot leave or be freed. When Hera was finally banished by Zeus after the events of the third book, Hera was happy as she was going to walk right back into Olympus, however, she realises it's just a projection and is pulled back into the darkness by the eerie cosmos. She hears a voice say "The Cosmos is a place of darkness. You cannot be freed, nor leave. I've been lonely. Let's talk." After this, Hera screams, realising she is trapped forever.



  • The Cosmos, a book which was also turned into a movie, had an abysmal like void that was destroying everything called which destroyed everything in its path.



  1. He later confirmed that the actual abyss of Chaos would appear in The Final Chapter.
  2. The Universe was a seperate location that existed inside the Cosmos.

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